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Little BIG Guild of Eldre'Thalas
Welcome to the Little Big Guild Website!

Our guild is a fun, social guild. We raid regularly as well as dungeon and PVP together. If you are a member already thanks for joining we are glad to have you! If you aren't you should be! :)

We currently have 1 core raid group and are ready to get our second group up and going. If you are at all interested or just looking to have fun with good people just send an in game tell to Melanara, Tharkash, Krugette, or Phantmoo! We will all be happy to assist you!

We are currently recruiting all positions.

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Garrosh owned, chopped into pieces of meat
04/03/2014 07:30 PM by Phantmoo

SORRY EVERYONE! Expansion is cancelled!

Tonight Little BIG Guild killed Garrosh again, then we chopped him into pieces, and our druids feasted upon his corpse.


Picture available here!


Garrosh Down!
03/28/2014 05:00 AM by Phantmoo

Great job to everyone for successfully downing Garrosh!

On to Heroics!


MV 10 Full Clear!!!!
01/24/2013 05:11 PM by Phantmoo

That's right! Full clear of MV 10 successful!

Find the achievement here.


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